If there's one thing all humans have in common, it's death.  We all die - but how we view death largely depends on what our conditioning has been about it.


I grew up in the modern western culture, as many of us, where the view of death has become about dread and avoidance with it now very industrialized and expensive.  It This was not always how it was. More than a century ago, it was normal for families and communities to take care of the deceased at home.   Death used to be revered as a sacred part of life’s journey, for the loved one and the family.  

Other cultures, especially the ancient indigenous have continued to view death in this same way, as a natural part of the cycle of life.  I have been fortunate to have spent much of my adult life learning several of these traditions, especially the original  indigenous Hawaiian spiritual teachings with its ancient universal belief around life and death.


Drawing upon these ancient teachings and wisdom as well as rituals and healing techniques, I support the dying and their caregivers in experiencing this  sacred "rite of passage" together.  It is in the knowing that death is just a "change of address" and celebration from this human form back home to Spirit.  It is in helping the one dying to know they have completed their lessons here in growing and evolving,  and they are now ready to go home. 

Through deep emotional support in helping you create your Legacy Letter, you and your unique contribution is honored as a gift to you and your family, providing an invaluable opportunity to celebrate the end of life.


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